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Pentium 4 cube

What interesting you can do with needless Pentium 4 or similar Celeron processors? First of all you need to find 6 processors of one type. I wanted to use AMD processor, but dimensions of its housing are a little bit different. … Continue reading

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Cyclone III

After various financial speculations on the Internet and in real life, I gathered some money and bought through eBay auction Altera Cyclone III Starter Board. Another “starter board” is rambling somewhere in the post. I appreciate deeply all my countrymen … Continue reading

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Graphic LCD-pinout

I have gathered graphic LCD monitors from old devices (mostly from copiers). That’s simple monochromatic LCD monitors without controllers. An image should be dynamically tranferred from controller for these monitors. There are SED1351 or similar graphic controllers mostly. Maybe it’s possible … Continue reading

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Mouse = scanner

I found the information about optical mouse hacking on the Internet ( I had been looking for such mouse for a long time. The first which I found, had defective optical chip. But the second was more succsessful.  You need to find an … Continue reading

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Cyclone 1

I have torn a board with Altera Cyclone chip from a defective plasma television. That’s EP1C3T100C8  chip: one hundred legs, but only 65,2910 logic elements, 59904 bits of memory and one PLL are intended for users. While my board production technology is … Continue reading

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Online Casino- how to find best

Do you want to try your luck? Or just want to have good time? Or just the boring evening? Why not to try online casino? Sometime is very difficult to find good online casino. There are lots of Casino web … Continue reading

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I bought a new toy – GPS receiver (WBT300). It’s very simple  with USB and Bluetooth ports. I do not need it at all, but it’s very curious to play. Some Chinese software is provided with this device. It shows already … Continue reading

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Here I introduce Dread to you. Her nickname is “Skurokas”.  Click here for more details: 🙂

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