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PHP lessons?

Here is my nephew. He visited me to consult about PHP and MySQL. But he is very young and nervy when I am taking photos. ­čÖé

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HV and High Frequency stuff

There was old stuff sales auction in some military base and our company acquired very old military radio equipments. All the stuff is the junk, but some details are interesting. Small view of all stuff High voltage, vacuum capacitors from … Continue reading

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Polishing plasma TV screen

I bought small, but useful tool. Sometimes it is called “dremel”. Small electric bore with various heads to attach. So I decided to test it and to play with my testing plasma TV. The surface of the display is “scratched” … Continue reading

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Something for Welder with TL494

No new ideas to post in this blog… To many open projects and no outcome from them… Quite cold outside, my horse is a bit wounded and waiting for small cutting and needle-working ­čÖé Found old IBM notebook, installed Win98 … Continue reading

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DIY Welder

Electric arc welders are very simple devices. The old design ones ­čÖé New design electric welders are quite complicated devices. But if you find in some trash such nice transformer: High power transformer from big battery charger You can connect … Continue reading

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Quartz Oscillator

I have new additions to my crystal oscillators collection. Now the collection looks like this: Quartz Crystal Clock oscillators These devices are not cheap ceramic oscillator, but real precision devices. I have one custom made crystal with paper documentation: The … Continue reading

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New House for this web page

This weblog, Lithuanian version, Fauna lovers pages and few other products are running on simple DSL line. Nobody invested big money to the server- we used usual computer trash. And now we need more power, as original celeron processor and … Continue reading

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