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Repair of the Atari 2600 jr

I found PCB from the classic 2600 JR. It was forcefully removed from the case maybe using a hammer. The PCB is bent, some parts torn out and missing switches. PCB was cracked and several traces were broken. I repaired … Continue reading

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Cartridge for Commodore 64

Sometimes I want to show how old 8 bit computers work for some n00bs. It is nice to load some games from tape, some from disk. But when I want to show more games, the best thing is cartridges. And … Continue reading

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Testing Commodore 6526/8520 copy in CPLD

There are quite expensive obsolete chip from various Commodore computers and peripherals- CIA/PIA MOS 6526 and a bit changed 8520 used in Amiga computers. This is a “complex” peripheral interface adapter chip for 6502 processor or 68K chipset. It is … Continue reading

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Building 8bit ATARI test ROM in easy way

I was experimenting with damaged Atari 800XL and I need to test it in low level. I wrote several lines in machine code and it was pain in the ass to fill data to ROM chip. After entering HEX data … Continue reading

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Atari 65XE

Here is my first computer… In fact it is not the same computer I had, as I sold mine for big money and bought cool computer Amiga 500. But this blog post is not about Amiga, but about my old … Continue reading

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