Atari 1088XEL SMD

This is a complete ground up redesign of the Atari 8-Bit Computer Motherboard still utilizing the standard Atari VLSI chips, but recreated in a Mini-ITX Form Factor (17 cm x 17 cm) by AtariBits. The idea behind this project was to take several add on devices available (i.e., TK-II, MouseTari, and VGATE), along with the U1MB and UAV upgrades by Lotharek and AtariAge member Bryan, and integrate them into a cohesive package that would fit a plethora of readily available Mini-ITX enclosures.
My goal was only to make BOM (Bill Of Materials) more available for regular users, reduce the price of the PCB and start the computer with minimal add ons. The computer must stay as much compatible with Atari 1088XEL as possible.

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