BOM and schematics

Current (V1.1) version schematics: Atari 1088XEL SMD V1.1 (in pdf format).

Not very current, (V1.0) Bill of Materials:Atari 1088XEL SMD V1.0 BOM (in pdf format).

PCB view with 1088XEL SMD Values (in pdf format).

PCB view of 1088XEL silk screen (in pdf format).

Photos of some crowded areas:

  • Near SIO connector, photo.
  • Stock video option under UAV, sync amp, photo. Not all values are like in schematics. Video remains still nice and colorful.
  • 5V power regulator, USB TTL level, photo.
  • Master clock, PAL clock, VGATE, Color voltage “doubler”, photo.

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