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Transformer TC-180-2

I need some transformer for one experiment (I’ll post it in near future). So I dig my trash pile and found Soviet transformer with double windings. The idea was to run the transformer with double overload. The transformer I selected … Continue reading

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Skin marasmus

I don’t like software with skins. Period. But sometimes I am forced to use such software as lame programmers love skins. Typically, the programmers builds some useful software, then he update it and make lots of bug-fixes. Then he didn’t … Continue reading

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My co-worker bought notebook. It was some from Fujitsu Siemens Amilo series. So from cheaper ones. At the same time I’ve bought similar computer, but more expensive few bucks. So my co-worker was very happy that this time he was … Continue reading

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Naked LCD

Sometimes I try to fix LCD monitors and I have some leftover LCD modules from various LCD monitors. I place then in various spaces to prevent screen from scratches. I noticed one LCD module on my windows and I remembered … Continue reading

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Thrustmaster LCD

I have Thrustmaster LCD in my LCD collection for more that one year. The exact model is: XL Screenmate. I was trying to sell it in my online shop, but nobody was interested. Our local electronic hobbyist are not very … Continue reading

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Repairing Philips DVP-3010 and clones

Somehow I received “several” bad Philips DVP 3010-02 DVD (DivX/Xvid) players. They were sold in local market about year ago for about 100$. All the devices have same flaw- not reading disk due to the damage of flexible conductor. This … Continue reading

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Personal code checker

Here is software, source code and excel worksheet to check citizens personal identification code used in Lithuania. Checking the code is mandatory when filling various legal documents. Here is the checker as independent MS Visual Basic program. As I have … Continue reading

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