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MSP 430

At last I received my MSP430 development kit. The problem is, that Texas Instruments didn’t know geography and they didn’t discovered new EU countries. So, my parcel moved to Lichtenstein instead to Lithuania. So I invested 34 devalued US dollars … Continue reading

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Something wireless

Blog post for information only. In trash pile I found something strange. It was like spot light and pizza box hybrid. Inside lamp box I found some wireless stuff- some controller, PCMCIA wireless LAN card and PSU. The pizza box … Continue reading

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Spot Welder

Sometimes it is great need to weld some metal sheets together. Sometimes they are very small, like nickel plated battery connectors. There are special industrial devices for spot welding, but for DIY and hobbyist user it is very easy to … Continue reading

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Relisys RWT205CE terminal

Just short blog post. The Relisys RWT205CE terminal I received was not working. The problem was classic- fault of the power supply. Just replaced few blown capacitors and everything is working fine. As I replaced with bigger caps, the small … Continue reading

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Logitech Z-640

Today we’ll open quite big Logitech Z-640 sound system sub-woofer. According the specifications: Total output power: 70 Watts RMS Subwoofer power output: 25 Watts RMS Satellite speaker power output: 45 Watts RMS (9 Watts RMS per channel) Total peak power: … Continue reading

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Xoro DVD player

Let’s look inside Xoro DVD/DivX/Xvid player. I received few HSD 310 for disassembling. HSD 310 is lite version of HSD 415- only additional audio and video outputs installed and 5.1 sound support. There are less components than in Vido DVD … Continue reading

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