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In trash pile I found something strange. It was like spot light and pizza box hybrid. Inside lamp box I found some wireless stuff- some controller, PCMCIA wireless LAN card and PSU. The pizza box was antenna.


Wireless LAN PC Card, Simple mobility NL-2511CD Plus EXT2 (High Power (23dbm) Conexant/Intersil PC Short Card-NL-2511CD)
Controller based on Axis Communications CPU without any significant prints on silk screen. Some sticker with MAC address. LAN connection and power in slot. Three LEDs: power, LAN and Wireless.

Other PCB is power supply and PCMCIA adapter.


Antenna made in Israel: MARS Antennas & RF Systems Ltd.

After some investigation I discovered that few years ago one wireless internet providers used such devices for end user points. Now these devices are almost obsolete.

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  1. Munlai says:

    Hi i bought this Access Point (AP) N13-2511CD-PLUS3 from ebay the default ip address of has been changed therefore i am unable to enter the AP can any body help me enter this AP?

  2. Use netstat to detect IP. Or reset the beast to default settings. I don’t have such device, so I don’t know how to help you.

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