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Spent some time braking apart old and not very old computer mainboards. Collected few kilos of capacitors and MOSFETS for future experiments. Nice set. Press on image for big (600k) photo. So if you need to repair some mainboard’s capacitors, … Continue reading

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Strange FETs

Today I spent some time breaking apart some TV transmitters. I was looking for power transistors. Opened one very strange module with heavy heat-sinks. This is the photo of transistors I found inside: It is Russian made Gallium Arsenide power … Continue reading

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TL494 – magic chip, Part 7

Alternative output connection. In other post I used classic output connection- collector load. Browsing in the internet I found Russian schematics of electric shock gun. It is based on the TL494 chip. But the output was connected in different way- … Continue reading

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