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Controllerless LCD on printer port

It was told that it is impossible to connect standard controller-less LCD screen to the computer’s printer port. The main reason it is not working is the speed of the computer. In fact, the speed of printer port. I decided … Continue reading

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ispDownload cable

To program CPLD programmable logic) devices you only need very simple isp download cable. The cable is simple if we use computer’s printer port. For my experiments I removed Lattice isp2032VE chip from old wireless router and soldered it to … Continue reading

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Graphic LCD to PC

From old device I removed controlles graphic LCD screen and part of the mainboard with Toshiba controller. As controller was with all hardware, I just connected everything with air wires to PC printer port using my breadboard. There are two … Continue reading

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LCD module test

LCD module test or how to connect the beast to PC printer port. I received few requests how to test the LCD module using easy to obtain software. Maybe people are to lazy to search internet… So, here is simplified … Continue reading

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White LED driver

After I smashed about 5 mobile phones and collected some white LEDs, I decided to build some some LED searchlight. There are two ways to solve this problem: first, Chinese version, just connect some white LED’s to battery and use … Continue reading

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