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Death of FPGA

I was planing big article about FPGA chips and was testing all circuits when suddenly connected on Altera Flex I/O pin to LCD bias power supply. This was the end of my Altera FLEX. Here is the picture of my … Continue reading

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TOP2004 programmer review

I have Willem eprog programmer, but I was sick changing LPT cable each time I need to reprogram some chip. Also, Willem damaged two chips of one manufacturer. I don’t like that small DIP switches too. Also, Willem can’t program … Continue reading

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Few words about CPLD

Just short story about my experiments using CPLD chip and Lattice software. I forced myself to use and learn about programmable logic chips. As I wrote in my older post, I have very small inventory of the chips and was … Continue reading

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Universal power for breadboard

Very often I need regulated PSU when playing with breadboard. And I need negative power supply too. Especially when doing something with operational amplifiers or old LCD modules. Typically I use 78xx or 79xx regulators in my experiments. But last … Continue reading

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ISP cable schematics

I decided to put all ISP/JTAG cable circuit diagrams (schematics) in one page for easy navigation. The schematics are gathered in the internet in various web pages and datasheets. Cables are not designed by me, but I made some of … Continue reading

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