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Games of Short Waves

From young years I was interested in showwave (HAM) radio, but due to economical and political situation I never started (you know, the axis of evil- soviet union and etc.) Later I managed to listen some of the HAM radio … Continue reading

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Answer to the riddle

It is RGB LED matrix board! It is some PCB from Adaptive Micro Systems LLC, USA. This comapny specializes in LED advert production. From simple single color static board to full RGB color outdoor monitor. Mine LED board is 72 … Continue reading

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This is starting post about very interesting project. Try to guess what it is? This PCB is populated with serious stuff. Big square chip is Altera Cyclone EP1C6T144C8, 30 pcs of MBI5026CD, 8 pcs of HT04 (standard chips), 24 Fairchild … Continue reading

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Mother China or USD rate fluctuation

When this post was posted, it was 2008 May. The exchange rate for USD was quite low compared to our local currency. Today (2015) we do not have local currency- we joined eurozone. And exchange rate for USD is quite … Continue reading

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For my laser experiment I am using collimators from old laser printers and copie machines. Especially from copiers. A collimator is a device that narrows a beam of particles or waves. To “narrow” can mean either to cause the directions … Continue reading

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