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Class-D amp

Maybe you noticed, that new home cinema systems, LCD/Plasma screens, receivers have very small amplifiers. Physically small. But the power output is quite big. And there is no big, heavy heatsinks on these devices. And no big transformers. At a … Continue reading

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TEO myths and reality

This weblog entry is more interesting for Lithuanian readers. It is about our biggest internet provider and the problems related to DSL connection. Nice title? I am using cheapest DSL service at home. It is working only on evenings and … Continue reading

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WRT54G or WRT54GL is well known Linksys/Cisco Systems wireless router. It is famous for its third party firmware. But be aware, new model sold in shop are neutered, the ROM and RAM size are reduced. Look for version with “L” … Continue reading

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Norton 2008

In one company I was forced to install several copies of Norton Antivirus 2008. This was retail version of software in nice boxes, and I needed to enter all registration-configuration data in every computer. At a first glance, everything is … Continue reading

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