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advert1 n šnek. (advertisment sutr.) skelbimas, reklama (laikraštyje, televizijoje)
advert2 v atkreipti (savo) dėmesį; turėti galvoje; paliesti, paminėti (to).

ARM:0014 STM32CubeMX libraries for sensors and screens

In fact, any new program written for MCU is only copy-paste from older projects. Not real copy paste, but using the same libraries and subroutines. For some upcoming bigger project, I decided to use STM32 microcontroller, this means, I need … Continue reading

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Online Casino- how to find best

Do you want to try your luck? Or just want to have good time? Or just the boring evening? Why not to try online casino? Sometime is very difficult to find good online casino. There are lots of Casino web … Continue reading

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