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Do you want to try your luck? Or just want to have good time? Or just the boring evening? Why not to try online casino?

Sometime is very difficult to find good online casino. There are lots of Casino web sites, but how to find the best or how to filter fake ones. First of all check reviews in various web sites. Try to read some forums online to find real users reviews. Use your own brain- check all the fine print about the payout policies, check if casino have some independant financial auditors. Also, check if the game rules are not modified. Some modifications seams not very significant, but be very carefull- it may change your final results. Caveat emptor!


There is one site I found. It differs from other sites that it have short descriptions and instructions about available games. For example, in page Online Roulette there is full description of clasic roulette game. This site even have small tips for begginner- this will not help you to get big bucks, but it will help you not to loose your money from silly errors. Mathematically it is very simple: The single-zero roulette game has 37 possible cases (36 numbers, plus 0). The double-zero roulette game has 38 possible cases (36 numbers, plus 0, plus 00). The odds vary with the type of bet. For example, the even-money bet: black/red, odd/even, high/low. There are 18 red numbers and 18 black numbers. The odds are calculated as 18 / 37 = 48.65% or 18 / 38 = 47.37%. The odds are not to be confused with the house edge or house advantage. But who cares about mathematics- there is luck and there is fun! 🙂


Roulette is a bit random game, but more advanced users can try Black Jack. There are more rules, more calculations, more chances to win and more fun. Just read review at BlackJack Online. It is mandatory reading for new player. In short words, you can understand how to play black jack game from this review. And not only in online casino, but even in real life casino. While there are many types of blackjack, all the basic rules apply for the most part. If you can master one, you can master them all. 🙂

Don’t forget- different Casino can use different blackjack rules. And there are lots of variants.

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