I bought a new toy – GPS receiver (WBT300). It’s very simple  with USB and Bluetooth ports. I do not need it at all, but it’s very curious to play.


Some Chinese software is provided with this device. It shows already decoded information.  I checked, that coordinates remain quite stable. However, sometimes it’s seems to the device, that it goes somewhere at 0.16km/h speed. 


I was disappointed in height showing results. The height of my room varies from 60 till 170 m above sea level. I thought, that my house is stably fastened to the ground.

I haven’t demounted this device yet, but theoretically it should has some receiver, transmitter and RS232-USB adapter. The idee fixe appeared to bypass this USB port…

By the way, if you install virtual COM port of Windows,  the Hyper terminal program will help you to see all data “flowing” out of the device. Here is a sample:


Smarter people can identify the place and time of the experiment from that rubbish. I also understood several rows. But others remain mysterious.

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2 Responses to GPS

  1. Zilvis says:

    Del GPS tai kiek teko skaityti/testuoti – aukscio matavimas – pragaistis. Matomai matavimo principas is esmes nenumato tikslaus aukscio matavimo – koks gaunasi toks jau gaunasi. Auksti tiksliai matuoja barometrais.

  2. Zilvis says:

    ups barometriniais aukstimaciais gal tiksliau butu…

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