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Sweep generator

You maybe noticed time gap in my weblog. I am constructing more complex device at this time and don’t have spare time for usual weblog entries. So I posted only few old re posts and some small note from “vandalising” … Continue reading

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Wireless mouse

I am using wireless mouse for several years. Recently I collected some same model spare mice for my experiments. It is low frequency (~27MHz, CB band!) mouse with docking station to charge two AAA batteries. All other specifications are typical. … Continue reading

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Fast PCB desoldering

Transferred from old and some-why Google banned pages. Chip, PCI/AGP/ISA/MCA/CPU and etc. slot desoldering from PCB board After lots of experiments of desoldering multipin parts from PCB using fancy irons, gas torches, hot air guns and other stuff I “invented” … Continue reading

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Switch load using COM port

I was asked to switch load using computer’s COM port (RS232). At first, I was thinking, that I need to switch some lamp or heater, so I offered to use solid state relay and forget all the electronics. But later, … Continue reading

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Car MP3 player

In local supermarket I bought small car MP3 player. It cost about $25 (79Ltl). It is USB MP3 player with FM modulator. Just plug it to cigarette igniter socket, tune car radio, put your USB flash memory stick and enjoy … Continue reading

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