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New Tubeamp is Born

As local sale of tubes is not satisfactory for me, I decided to build new, full, power amplifier from scraps and surplus components. It will we classic tube amp with double tubes on the output. Why this type? Because it … Continue reading

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Nokia NP5121 to Zyxel Prestige 642R

Few years ago, our major internet provider offered NOKIA DSL modems for end users. It was Nokia NP5121. It is very durable hardware. I know few places were such modem is working without any problem for six years. This DSL … Continue reading

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Last view to ATI and nVIDIA GPUs

Today I decided to break apart few video cards. There was box of old nVIDIA and ATI video cards. With various connectors and RAM sizes. Here is the collage from GPU images: To prove that it is broken apart cards, … Continue reading

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For beginners: regulated linear regulator

If you need simple regulated power supply, you can build it using typical old chip LM317 (LM117). Here is the abstract from datasheet: The LM317/117 series of adjustable 3-terminal positive voltage regulators is capable of supplying in excess of 1.5A … Continue reading

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For beginners: simple linear regulator

This blog entry is for beginners. Sometimes I receive letter with questions from beginners. So, the question: how to build very simple voltage regulator? For fixed (3.3, 5, 6, 12, 15V) or adjusted output. The simples way is to use … Continue reading

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ZX Spectrum

Today I visited some old junk shop to check electricity counter and found lots of interesting stuff. I bought two things- Sega Game Gear and Sinclair ZX Spectrum personal computer. I payed 3LTL (~1USD) for Speccy. It is original ZX … Continue reading

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