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HUB08 LED board (matrix) display protocol and interface to STM32F103

HUB08 LED display control protocol explained. Continue reading

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Power standard for my computer collection

I have small collection of vintage computers. Several computers do not have PSU, other one have very specific ones. The problem is with some that looks like “standard”, have same connector like others, but have reversed polarity. Like ZX Spectrum … Continue reading

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How to print, preview in VB Studio Express

There is classic basic program for Commodore 64 computer to print maze on the screen. This program random prints “/” and “\” character on screen. I wanted to implement same program on modern computer and print the result. Not only … Continue reading

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Quick hack – optical mouse for Amiga (or Atari) computer

I was testing old Amiga computer and noticed, that somewhere I lost the mouse. It is proprietary mouse for Amiga computer, it even does not work with Atari ones. The mouse itself is very simple- only raw quadrature information is … Continue reading

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8-bit font tool: editor, rotator, mirror

This is small tool writtent in Visual Studio Express VB. Main purpose of this tool is to find 8 bit wide fonts and graphics in various ROM, firmware files and export to binary or C source file. Tool can edit … Continue reading

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Permanent link to Atari 1088XEL SMD

Permanent page for Atari 1088XEL SMD project.

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TI-99/4A printing new key

Modern 3D printers allow us to print at tremendous quality and resolution. And some Chinese ones are quite cheap. My one of Texas Instruments TI-99/4A computers has a problem- due to a bad package and careless shipping it lost three … Continue reading

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Whenever I talk about designers of the ZX Spectrum computer I use to say that they were smoking weed. Now I acquired one computer from another family of computers, TI99, I can tell that Texas Instruments designers not only smoked … Continue reading

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ZX interface 1 and Microdrive

I collected several ZX Spectrum series computers, but I don’t have any fancy peripherals. After several attempts I managed to buy ZX Spectrum Microdrive and interface 1 for it. As always with ancient hardware it is working a bit, but … Continue reading

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