TEO myths and reality

This weblog entry is more interesting for Lithuanian readers. It is about our biggest internet provider and the problems related to DSL connection.

Nice title?

I am using cheapest DSL service at home. It is working only on evenings and weekdays. And speed is very slow- limited to 256kbits. But the cost is very low (check TEO webpages for rates).

My telephone line is quite old, and cable from crossbox somewhere in the begining of the street (about 1km from my home) is damaged. There is so called “semigrounded” pair. Sometimes I can hear AM radio in my phone… But I don’t use my phone for voice calls, I use it for my DSL connection. Few times I asked telephone company to repair, but due to private property problems they didn’t managed to swith pairs in the cable to select better wires.

So I didn’t cared about bad insternet connection. I blamed bad, old cable. Until one morning. I started my computer and noticed, that there is internet (in the morning). But must not have any internet at this time. I checked the internet by downloading some bigger file from rapidshare… wow! The speed was incredible and now lags and no “web page not found, no DNS” errors!

TEO greitis
After some time I’ve made this screenshot, the speed increased upto 347 kilobytes per second (2.8 Mbit).

I started all internet leaching software I have. Bittorent and eMule speed was about 90…100 kilobytes per second. (Bittorent log show 1120 kB/s maximum working with eMule at same time). I started these, connection hungry, programs just to test if there is some session limitation. Normaly, bittorent and emule opened too many sesions and DLS connected freezed. Now, no problems at all!

And DNS server is working without any problems. In regular way, sometimes it lost packets and didn’t replay to DNS requests…

So I’ve made decision, that speed limitation software used in ISP TEO.LT is buggy. Also, that I have limitations in session number and this limitation is not stated in my contract!

Same effect I can achieve if I select very expensive “full speed” option in my DSL settings. I receive up to 5Mbit/s speed and no lags!
And don’t blame bad cable.


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  1. jammit says:

    This problem isn’t happening just to Lithuanians. Similar problems happen here in the U.S. I’m sure there’s a lot of “funny” stuff going on at all the telcom owned DSL providers in all countries. From the throttling of torrent files, to “magic” caps imposed that aren’t disclosed in a customers contract. I really can’t wait for the day when these telcom guys start getting some competition.

  2. Now, 2015, Teo give me optic fiber up to my computer. The speed is 100Mbit/s with lowest plan (~10ÔéČ/month). Or if you have spare 20ÔéČ/month you can take new paln for 600Mbits/s…
    Now limitations and filtration. Torrents rule.

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