This is starting post about very interesting project. Try to guess what it is?

This PCB is populated with serious stuff. Big square chip is Altera Cyclone EP1C6T144C8, 30 pcs of MBI5026CD, 8 pcs of HT04 (standard chips), 24 Fairchild power mosfets, 3 linear voltage regulators, one 18.432MHz oscilator, UTP connector with 4 LVDS lanes from FPGA. Byte blaster connector for FPGA programming and FPGA bitstream ROM. On other side there are 1728 components with total 5184 discrete active components.

I bought this item in ebay for $130. And it was very expensive for me.

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  1. Sid the Squid says:

    At a shot and with the infor you gave it is some sort of LED message driver.

    It can drive 450 LED’s from what I can tell so I’m guessing you plan to created a scrolling message board or created some awesome LED Christmas light project?

    Am I close ;-P

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