MSP 430

At last I received my MSP430 development kit. The problem is, that Texas Instruments didn’t know geography and they didn’t discovered new EU countries. So, my parcel moved to Lichtenstein instead to Lithuania. So I invested 34 devalued US dollars and received some small items:


The print on the box says: MSP430 Ultra-Low-Power MCUs eZ430-F2013 Development Tool. There is CD and small USB device inside the box. The CD is with neutered software. The C compiler is limited to 4K!. The USB device is special development tool with small daughter board with F2013 micro-controller.

For now I didn’t made anything useful from this stuff. The software is not very user friendly. The example code is very small (on the cd) , only some blinking LED. I downloaded more examples for TI website. When I’ll find some spare time, I’ll examine it more.

USB device can be opened. So you and attach some wire to inside board or change daughter board. Windows XP detected this device as multi-port adapter and installed drivers from TI CD.

WindowsXP device manager

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