Relisys RWT205CE terminal

Just short blog post. The Relisys RWT205CE terminal I received was not working. The problem was classic- fault of the power supply. Just replaced few blown capacitors and everything is working fine. As I replaced with bigger caps, the small heatsink is bent. But it is working fine.

Originally this terminal computer is equipped with Windows CE operating system. And it is designed to work with some server. This terminal is based on i386 based SIS made CPU. RAM- mini dimm, 32Mb. Compact flash card (CF) placed instead hard disk. The card is hardwired to IDE interface using simplified connection. So the master/slave stuff is not working. It is big problem while trying to install other system using CF and CDROM. Other connectors: USB, LPT, COM, PS/2, PCMCIA, CF, IDE, Audio, VGA, PCI and some other unknown.


Main idea while playing with this computer- to install Linux OS and make something like router with advanced options like: data collection from external interface, USB web Cam translation.

After lots of experiments, I only managed to put freesco image to CF card. The problems were booting from the CF card is it was formatted with Windows XP OS. Just only when I reformatted the card using old Epson digital camera.

I managed to boot mini Debian install and it detected USB device, so I managed to add some other images to install.

Some problems with PSU. Or maybe it is normal- but I didn’t managed to configure the device to start after power failure. It is mandatory when using this terminal as fan-less computer or network router. Now after power on I get only blinking LED and no cold boot.

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