Cartridge for Commodore 64

Sometimes I want to show how old 8 bit computers work for some n00bs. It is nice to load some games from tape, some from disk. But when I want to show more games, the best thing is cartridges. And not a single universal cartridge, but a pile of them. This looks more “expensive” and cool.
Another reason- cheap PCB and that I wanted to go in this way.

selfmade C64 commodore cartridge
And the main reason for cartridges is speed- just put in and power on. I never liked this game.

Selfmade universal 8K/16K cartridge for commodore 64
This universal PCB for Commodore 64 cartridge. For more advanced cartridges there is mandatory to add two chips- simple logic and flip-flop. I used a single chip- GAL or PALCE. I have several of these and have programmer. For standard 8K or 16K games there is no need for additional chips. Only some jumpers and two diodes.

selfmade cartridge in bare commodore 64 PCB
I always had problems with 3D positioning my designs. Sometimes I am building mirror or upside down versions. At this time everything is ok and the cartridge fits properly.

commodore 64 universal cartridge schematics
(bigger version)

Maybe there is a question why I put two resistors on the clock line. There are rumors that on some models of computers it is good to place proper TTL termination on the F2 (CPU clock) line.

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