Building 8bit ATARI test ROM in easy way

I was experimenting with damaged Atari 800XL and I need to test it in low level. I wrote several lines in machine code and it was pain in the ass to fill data to ROM chip. After entering HEX data in binary editor with several errors, I decided to write some “visual ROM linker” to merge asembler output with ROM chip buffer.
In attached archive there is third party 6502 asembler, test program source, asembler output, ROM binary file and my visual linker executable for windows .NET system. There is installer too, but software is not signed.

Atari ROM linker
Some of 6502 asembler…

Atari ROM linker
My ROM linker….

Atari ROM linker
Atari emulator running my new ROM.

All software to download:
Atari ROM visual linker

Feel free to use.

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