New House for this web page

This weblog, Lithuanian version, Fauna lovers pages and few other products are running on simple DSL line. Nobody invested big money to the server- we used usual computer trash. And now we need more power, as original celeron processor and IDE disk drive is lagging web. Especially web pages with MySQL. And the chip-set of the mainboard is made by SIS and is full of bugs. I found old original Intel server box. It is old, 1997 made, dual Pentium 2 server. With few SCSI 3 fast disk drives. So, if everything will be working fine, I’ll migrate my web pages to this hardware.

Now we are in testing stage. Here is the image.
New house for this web page
Original Intel server and few SCSI hdds

Operating system: Linux Debian

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  1. Small change. This pages are powered by P4 system. Pictured system is idle. Other web pages (like, are powered by same dual P2 system, but other hard disk options.

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