Quartz Oscillator

I have new additions to my crystal oscillators collection. Now the collection looks like this:
quartz oscillator
Quartz Crystal Clock oscillators

These devices are not cheap ceramic oscillator, but real precision devices. I have one custom made crystal with paper documentation:

The resonator is exact 90380Hz frequency +-1.3Hz. Quite high quality?

Also, the devices look quite cool. They are removed from various meters and TV broadcasting equipment. Some of the crystals were placed inside small “thermos bottle” (Vacuum Flasks), or so called Dewar flask.

[for Sir James Dewar ], container after which the common thermos bottle is patterned. It consists of two flasks, one placed inside the other, with a vacuum between. The vacuum prevents the conduction of heat from one flask to the other. For greater efficiency the flasks are silvered to reflect heat. The substance to be kept hot or cold, e.g., liquid air, is contained in the inner flask.

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