Polishing plasma TV screen

I bought small, but useful tool. Sometimes it is called “dremel”. Small electric bore with various heads to attach. So I decided to test it and to play with my testing plasma TV. The surface of the display is “scratched” with angle grinder. ­čÖé So I tested my new polishing heads on it. The protective plastic of the screen is multilayer. The external layer is made of the plastic, next layer is real glass. The angle grinder cut plastic and damaged glass. It is impossible to fix such heavy damage. But who else is playing with angle grinder and plasma TV? So, if you have small scratches, you can fix them.

plasma tv polishing

As I mentioned in previous post, there are some color spots on the screen. So, when I use TV for more than hour, tv gets hot and all color spots disappear. Maybe some thermal instability in electronics.

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