Pentium 4 cube

What interesting you can do with needless Pentium 4 or similar Celeron processors?

First of all you need to find 6 processors of one type. I wanted to use AMD processor, but dimensions of its housing are a little bit different. Thus I chose 6  Pentium 4 processors, the old ones with small legs.

pentium 4

The following processors were used for the experiment:
Pentium 4, 1.9GHz/256/400/1.75V
Celeron 2.8MHz/256/533
Pentium 4, 1.5GHz/256/400/1.75V
Celeron 1.7GHz/128/400/1.75V
Pentium 4, 2.4GHz/512/533/1.5V
Celeron 2GHz/128/400/1.525V.

pentium 4

All models were quite old. All covers were simply removed for the exception of one. Its crystal was soldered to housing with special solder. This special solder made me some troubles when I soldered the final product:

pentium 4

The cube came out a little bit crooked, but it can roll out several gigahertz and megahertz 🙂

It’s quite heavy, as housings are made form red copper and nickeled. When you heat one side of it, the other became unsoldered… 🙂

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  1. ExP says:

    are u sure with that?
    Celeron 2.8MHz/256/533

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