Infrared thermometer

Ometimes I need to desolder big chips from PCB- like motherboards controllers, GPUs and other “heavy equipment”. For this purpose I used big hot air gun without any thermocontrol. To check the temperature of the chip I need something simple. And this simple and cheap device was IR thermometer from some China seller.

Infrared thermometer
It is not accurate device- as all this type instruments, it give “aproximate” result for viewing area, so to check spot temperature you need to place detector as near as possible.

For testing and calibrating I measured temperature in my fridge- minus 16°C. Boiling water in the kettle is 99°C 🙂 , inside my mouth 36° (if you are ill, it will show a bit more than regular thermometer. You must measure temperature inside human body, outside temperature is wrong).

Temperature reading are not very precise, especialy if you measure something glossy. I think that target must look more like “dark body” to prevent from reflections and wrong readings.

Temperature ranges for this cheap device are from minus 32° to +320°C.

There is useless laser to find target.

This article was written on 10th of April, 2008.

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