Site status for 2015.03.11

I decided to “fast translate” my Lithuanian blog articles to English language. There is no special English posts here. This is done for English language readers- my Lithuanian language blog is almoust untranslatable by google translate- it is written in technical language and lots of slang words.

All articles are abridged. Also, there lots of interesting stuff in original comments section of Lithuanian version.

Sorry for grammar errors in English version. All translation is done “on the fly” without checking for grammar and spelling. Spelling error will lower google ratings, but this blog is not for google, but for people searching for information and ideas.

BTW, today is my coutry’s birthday! 25 years as we are from Russia… for second time. First time we run from them in 1918… I don’t want to get it for third time.

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  1. kyu9971 says:

    Hi friend,
    Happy birthbay for you and your country.
    I am italian and follow your blog.
    Bye kyu9971

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