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This is another “filler” article from old blog posts. When I don’t have any fresh and interesting ideas, I just write short filler articles to show regular blog reader that I am still allive. For this English translation blog these articles are useless, but I need to translate everything as sometimes you can catch the system how my ideas are born.

Original article dated 11th of April, 2008.

trash mp4 player as source for components
All these player have same problem- dead lithium battery. Maybe not dead, but over discharged. Just recharge battery with external charger and you’ll have another useless gadget. I was using these devices as source for small lithium batteries, other small electronic components. It is pitty, but LCD screens are without any documentation and I throw them away.

I found 1G or 2G flash chips from Samsung inside, FM radio modules, small charging circuits and TD018THEJ6 LCD screens. Screen resolutions is very bad and now there is better alternatives.

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