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I was browsing in Internet for some information about LCD programming. It was regular web page about some bugs in LCD software. Suddenly I noticed that my CPU fan is running very fast, case rear fan started too I and can feel hot air passing from my computer. I tested CPU load and noticed full load from internet explorer! As my system is with dual core, the whole load was only 50%, but it is too high for simple web page with three (!) animated gifs. Here is the URL to this strange web page:http://www.lcdstudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=10684

I have special utility to read date from my APC UPS. According to it (see the screen shots), my computer consumes about 267W of energy when showing simple animated gifs. On the right side image there is snapshot of “idle” computer- only Outlook express, Photoshop and other background stuff. So Microsoft is using up to 76W just for displaying some animated gif! BTW, firefox didn’t use any extra watt for this web page- the CPU load is zero.

CPU load
(Two images on one place.)

Here is screen shot of idle computer (google webpage display):

CPU load idle

And here is mystical load when looking to animated gifs. I have dual core, so one core is idle. I tested this page at my workplace and single core computers were loaded to 100%.

CPU load- full

Maybe Bill will fix it? I have some reports that new Vista windows have same bug. If you want to test this page, please set that this web page is displayed with all images visible, IE windows active. Please wait for a while to get full result- CPU load grows after some time.

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