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I disassembled few batteries from notebook computers. There we some “economical” versions among them. Such “lite” versions are typical for “sales” version of computers- when the price is in matter. In notebook datasheet all working times are for normal batteries and with “no load” situations. When you buy computer on “sales” event, you’ll receive “light” version of batteries. Here is few photos of open “lite” versions of batteries with small description.

eco light cells

Here is the 14.8V, 2000mAh version. Normal version in same box is 14.8V, 4000mAh. The capacity is halved. 30Wh versus 60Wh.

eco akumai

Here another version of lite cells. Our days the notebook computer’s hardware can work from “any” voltage. Switching power supply can drain power from any type of source. So, here is another version of lite batteries. User may learn to calculate capacity in mAh, but energy is stored in Wh. So we can leave SAME capacity, but reduce voltage a bit. In the top: 11.1V, 4000mAh battery. This means only 44Wh versus normal 60Wh.

Lower one is typical low capacity version with reduced Lion cells. Here is only some mystical high precision capacity 2000 v.s. 2150. The 7.5% means many when counting length of … ­čÖé but when it is capacity, this means nothing. They use special plastic tube spacers to reduce Li-ion cell wobbling in battery.

Both batteries have identical bodies. The marking on the battery is good. The manufacturer didn’t lie here.

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