Easy USB with ATMEGA

My computer’s printer port is only one and occupied by printer and JTAG hardware. And I needed more parallel port for my experiments. Something safe for motherboard and something wide. As I mentioned in previous post, one electronics company supplied me with some useless hardware. Each PCB board was with Atmel ATMEGA16 CPU (ATMEGA16 16AI). Also, in the internet I found some hardware and software projects by Igor Cesko…

First after few looks to source circuit diagram I made this experimental PCB.

USB- multi-port adapter

There are only few components- ATMEGA16, 12MHz quartz, few resistors and USB connector. I changed a bit original software and adapter it to MEGA16 hardware.

Also I changed a bit software and firmware for more options and to access to all ATMEGA16 pins. Original software/firmware was for ATMEGA8 or AT90S2313. I was lucky and now I have new device in my windows hardware manager- AVR309: USB to UART protocol converter.

I downloaded Delfi7 to change dll and have big ideas to build new universal tool for my computer. Something with USB to I2C/parallel/serial and “I don’t know what” adapter. The only problem is, that I am new to Delphi and Atmel assembler.

device manager

All Beta (or alpha) USB software is here. There is compiled software/firmware and all source files with my modifications. Sorry for possible errors. You need Atmel assembler and Delphi7 to compile. And maybe some Microsof tools too.

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