Dust in computer

From time to time I repair computer. Sometimes it is just software problems, sometimes- hardware. But some times it is dust problems. Dust full computer appears on my workbench very often, but I don’t have my digital camera nearby to take a picture. Sometimes I open computer cases at client’s home and I don’t want to take pictures…

But here is few pictures of real computer I repaired and short description of the problem:

CPU fan and dust
This computer “was running quite fine, only few sudden reboots in a day”. ­čÖé But when weather temperature raised because it is summer now, computer’s reboot become irritating and owner brought it to me.

CPU fan and dust
This video card was working fine. No reboots or freezes. But how much dust it need to collect to stall GPU fan?

CPU fan and dust
This Athlon sometimes freezes the computer. Especially when encoding video. Do you know why?

CPU fan and dust
This video card (Radeon X800) was big secret for owner. He can’t start video games. Few months ago all games were working fine, but after some time he could not start any game. In “2D” mode, you can use computer for weeks! We tried newest video card drivers, chipset patches, even reinstalled windows few times… I only removed dust clog and everything is working.

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  1. vincent de klerk says:

    Check out website http://www.demcifilter.co.za. Problem solved!!

  2. I think, that sending filter from ZA will not solve the problem ­čÖé

  3. Video Gamers says:

    My cousin would love this post. We were not too long ago discussing about this. hehe

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