Tuning Audio Amp

Connect pulse generator from older post to your audio amplifier. Set volume to something in the middle. Connect oscilloscope to the output of the amp with dummy load.

You will not see ideal square signal in the output, but all these distortions can describe your audio amplifier.

As there are lots of images in this post and big table. So press on the link to read more about audio amp tuning…

To see osciloscope image move your mouse pointer over table cell.

50Hz test
2000Hz test
‘)” onMouseOut=”return nd();”>to small amplification in treble
‘)” onMouseOut=”return nd();”>low amplification in bass
‘)” onMouseOut=”return nd();”>low amplification in midle and bass
‘)” onMouseOut=”return nd();”>bass amplification is bit higher
‘)” onMouseOut=”return nd();”>low amplification in some short band
‘)” onMouseOut=”return nd();”>resonance

Allmost all these pictures you can see by tuning your treble and bass

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