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Got some bad security video cameras for recycling. Few color ones made by Philips, two Sanyo and others KC-263C and KC-383C. It is mid and high resolution black and white CCIR video cameras.

Pokemonas ir Video kameros
Security cameras’ bodies and some generic brown Pokemon.

The KC263 and KC383 are powered from the mains power. It can handle 85…265V AC. And the problem in these cameras is that power supply is very ugly made. The problem is with 12V output capacitor. It is 1000µF x 16V low ESR capacitor. Manufacturer used cheap product and all the caps were blowed up like in computer main board. As voltage is only 12V, I decided to use capacitors from mainboards. I needed to drill extra hole and use much bigger cap. But now I can use 1000 or even 2000µF caps x 16V.

Even camera with missing PSU is repaired. I is working from my computer PSU.

About color philips cameras (LTC 0450/51). The problem is same. But as power supply is much more complicated, I need to replace 9 capacitors: 8 @ 10µF x 35V and one 220µF x 6.3V. Small caps replaced with exact ones, big was replaced with 1500µF x 10V from computer motherboard and made by Sanyo. Both color cameras are working…

Also there are two cameras from Sanyo. They are powered from external 12V PSU. One camera is dead (internal converter), other is working.

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  1. Micke says:

    Hello! I have some trouble with the Philips LTC 0450/51, they don´t work at all? I´ve tried to replace the capacitors just like you did but with no success, the are still not working. Do you have any clue what voltage it should be in the connector to the bandcable on the side on the powersupply? I have five cameras with the same problem…


  2. Check PSU for small electrolytic cap. About 20…47uF x 25…50V (varies from model to model). It is small cap, and it fails without any external effects. Detectable only with ESR meter.
    Check this untranslated page:
    Most popular failure is cap in second photo.
    Other failures is a bit complicated: small SMD tatalum capacitor is damaged. (3rd photo).

  3. Micke says:

    Hello again. The pics don´t realy match how my Philips LTC 0450/51 camera looks inside?

  4. Micke says:

    i might add that i get power from the PSU, there are some market points on the board below the PSU thts shows witch Voltage it should be there.

  5. All PSU are made using same principles. Only varies chips and design. If you know how it works, you’ll find the problems or you can judge to throw away that device.

    Main problem in switchmode psu is temperature and shitty capacitors. If the PSU is damaged by overvoltage, it is not worth to repair. Throw this camera away… or try other PSU. Typical voltages? Varies. Just use workbench PSU and rise voltage from 5 to 12V… The lowest working voltage is your aim.

    Do not forget, that this article is translated in 2006, original article is earlier and I don’t remember all the details. 🙂

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