Plasma TV 2 – details

As mentioned in other post, one of possible defects of plasma TV is black line of death. The cause of black line is that the one chip glued to display panel is defective. If only contact of the PCB is damaged, the lines are much narrow. If the “distribution” chip is damaged, the line are 4 times wider, or even, the rest of the screen is black. Why this chip can be damaged? The possible cause are: manufacturing defects, high temperature of electrical discharge.

flexible pcb and 4 chips
Here you can see the flexible pcb (un)glued to panel. You can see four chips, four capacitors and four quite big resistors. Typically only the one chip is damaged, but you need to change whole panel. In fact, you need to buy new TV.

It is possible to detach PCB from display panel, but how to glue it back? The pitch of contact pads is very fine.

flexible pcb and 4 chips
(The big blue bars are the millimeters)

Also you need some special glue. This problems is still under investigation.

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  1. PATRICK MUMBA says:

    HI, am having a problem with a plasma tv it is showing a black verticle line meaning that one chip is not ok and i have another new chip now wich tool can i use to replace the chip? and wich type of glue?i have already remove the died chip hoh can i alighn please help

  2. It is great problem. You can try to use 3M Electrically Conductive Adhesive Transfer Tape 9703, 7303 or 7373. But! Only if you conductive traces are wider than 10 … 15 mils (0.25 … 0.38mm).

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