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Quick hack – optical mouse for Amiga (or Atari) computer

I was testing old Amiga computer and noticed, that somewhere I lost the mouse. It is proprietary mouse for Amiga computer, it even does not work with Atari ones. The mouse itself is very simple- only raw quadrature information is … Continue reading

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8-bit font tool: editor, rotator, mirror

This is small tool writtent in Visual Studio Express VB. Main purpose of this tool is to find 8 bit wide fonts and graphics in various ROM, firmware files and export to binary or C source file. Tool can edit … Continue reading

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Permanent link to Atari 1088XEL SMD

Permanent page for Atari 1088XEL SMD project.

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TI-99/4A printing new key

Modern 3D printers allow us to print at tremendous quality and resolution. And some Chinese ones are quite cheap. My one of Texas Instruments TI-99/4A computers has a problem- due to a bad package and careless shipping it lost three … Continue reading

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Whenever I talk about designers of the ZX Spectrum computer I use to say that they were smoking weed. Now I acquired one computer from another family of computers, TI99, I can tell that Texas Instruments designers not only smoked … Continue reading

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ZX interface 1 and Microdrive

I collected several ZX Spectrum series computers, but I don’t have any fancy peripherals. After several attempts I managed to buy ZX Spectrum Microdrive and interface 1 for it. As always with ancient hardware it is working a bit, but … Continue reading

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PS2 keyboard for ZX Spectrum (or clone)

ZX Spectrum and other computers of that period use proprietary keyboards with direct connection to some specific chip or connected directly to computer bus. Old keyboards are damaged from elementals or time, and sometimes are not very user friendly compared … Continue reading

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Sinclair QL – modifications for EPROM

I have Sinclair QL, “issue 5″ with 3 EPROM chips. One of the chips is riding on the other chip. And yes, it is the original solution from Sinclair engineers- they were pressed by Apple computers new product and they … Continue reading

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Real easy Video fix for ZX Spectrum +2 (gray, “Toast Rack”)

I bought a ZX Spectrum +2 gray (toast rack) for my retrocomputer collection and it was the fail. The video output was bad and also there is a serious problem with RAM or ULA. But this article is about making … Continue reading

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Printer from calculator, part 2

Continued from part 1. The printer from the calculator is a neat toy, but we want a real USB printer. So, using my new STM32F103 CubeMX USB printer class for communication with the host computer and some tricky INT based … Continue reading

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