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Now, original posting from 2008…

Sometimes is very usefull to send data to you constructed devices of some other stuff using serial protocol. New computers ofter lack of serial ports and also, almoust all the time there is no need for real serial device with high voltage (+-12V) swing. Typical 21st century serial link is TTL or LVTTL.
For this purpose it is usefull FTDI Chip company’s product FT232. (There is new versions of the chip, but it is old post). It is compatible with USB2.0, theoretical max speed is about 3Mbit/s.

Circuit diagram is very simple- few resistors, capacitors, serial EPROM chip (no need in new chip) and 6MHz crystal oscillator.


I’ve used some PCB design distributed as “GNU”. (?)


It is using standard drivers from chip manufacturer’s site FTDI. All initial setting are programmed using same USB cable, so no need for external eprom programmer.


FT232 PCB and circuit diagram (schematics) for Cadsoft Eagle software.

Link to original Lithuanian site: http://www.vabolis.lt/2008/03/15/ft232/

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