In older posts I mentioned, that I resoldered several ATMEL ATMEGA16 processors. So, I decided to build something usefull using this MCU. As this controller has more ROM and RAM, I decided to use only high level programming language- C. All software in these web pages are compiled and tested on my hardware. So, if you download something here and it is not working, first of all check your hardware and software. Then you may as some questions. Also, I will try to fix possible errors in software loaded from the internet. For example, simple error in LSB ans MSB handling caused one big program to be useless. This error stopped me for two days- it is very hard to find error in alien source code.


As I selected several independant projects in the internet I constructed universal circuit diagram and PCB. So almoust all software is working without modifications or just small modifications on PCB.
To build this project, you need: ATMEGA16 (maybe other mega will work too, but with change in software and harware), LCD module, few LEDs, some resitors, capacitors and 12MHz quartz. One trimmer is usefull too. Also some connectors for programming and USB.

This project will deal with various ideas. From simple LED flasher to complicated USB driven devices. It will be simple ADC, IR (infra red) receivers, I2C bus, LCD manipulating and etc.

After the software and hardware is tuned, user can build small PCB with everything designed for end product.

Circuit diagram (schematics) of the device:

(press on image for larger view)

Image of the PCB:

Circuit diagram and PCB layout for Eagle software .

MCU is programmed using Altera ByteBlaster MV
and AVREAL software. Also, I want to tell, that I damaged my default printer port in my experiments. So I am now using add-on card. This is important when using my software- the programming section of make file must be edited to your needs.

avreal/WIN32 - AVR controllers LPT programmer by Redchuk Alexandr
v1.25rev5 (Jan 15 2007 20:02:38)
bug-reports, suggestions and so on mail to

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