Fake Sony USB flash disk

One man brought small souvenir from China. It is cool 32Gb Sony flash disk. The only problem is that it is fake, and not such size. The device is made quite well. Solid box with all needed information. The device is looking solid too. The size is very big and the price was too small even for bulk nand devices of such size…

32G Sony fake flash

Before buying such device they even tested it. Windows disk properties reported big size. But buyer didn’t think about copying big file to it.

32G sony flash

Disk manager reported “proper” size too.

32G fake usb flash

You can even copy big files to this flash disk. But you can’t read. While reading, you receive read error. So this device is WOM DISK (Write Only Memory Disk) 🙂

32G fake sony

Also you can’t format the disk…

32G sony usb

After some experiments I determined that this model was made with special firmware, and nand flash was very small and maybe damaged. I tested disk using block (sector) write and read and found only 0.5Mb of usable disk space. All other disk space is virtual and you can read &HFF from any location of the disk.

There are lots of warning pages in the internet about fake devices. Also, the eBay is full of such devices. So don’t be greedy- you can not buy good thing for very low price.

Out tourists payed for this fake device about 40LTL (15USD).

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11 Responses to Fake Sony USB flash disk

  1. louiswong says:

    If you examine the used and free space carefully, it states “210.829.312 bytes” and “32.369.983.488 bytes” respectively. It should be “210,829,312 bytes” and “32,369,983,488 bytes”. And the “30,1 GB” should be “30.1GB”. Looks like someone manage to change those sum… 🙁

  2. decimal and thousand separators are locale dependant. So comma “,” and point “.” didn’t change anything here. The great job is done in USB firmware. In fact, it is possible to program MCU inside the device to anything. Windows even may think that this device is terabyte size 🙂

  3. REQUEST says:

    please, i bought one of the 32GB flsh memory Sony, and it doesn’t work properly.. when i save something on it i can’t use it again from it (the flash) or even copy it.. i need to know how can i benefit from it even a proper (1 gigabyte)..
    please send me back at : goharyus@yahoo.com
    thanks a lot

  4. ?? says:

    K, so my dad got one of these from a buddy at work who recently went to China. Anyway, we were all having the problems listed above, until I thought about formatting it. I did that (on my MAC) and the format worked fine. Shows 31.23 GB space left after format (which seems proper) and I tried putting a photo on it (which worked/displayed fine after format without corruption, but not before). As I still wasn’t wholly convinced, I decided to put it to the test. I am currently (like I mean right now) copying my entire folder of Games onto the drive. The folder is 17 GBs large, and since usb drive storage amounts double (2,4,6,8,16,32,64,128,256,512,1024 (1gb),2048, etc. etc.) if it completes the transfer I will know it truly is 32 GB. So far, so good. 1.15 GBs copied.

  5. ajirun says:

    pity my freind, I just search for the “woW 32gb ” pendrive in product from china. There’s no legal product like that. But I found that there are product from shenzen corp company (if not mistaken) exactly same type, colour, shape. from the web they only poduce pendrive with a maximun capacity of 2Gb. What to do .. There’s multi of fake’s in the world.

  6. rahimkv says:

    the chinese ruined all electronics market with fake products. one may find fake cheap lowest quality optical mouse in various reputed brand names like; hp, dell etc.

    many many cheated by fake flashdrives!! with fake capacity. also there is digicams written as mpixels!! you may find same model from various brand name with different Megapixel ratings.

  7. gig says:

    That thing always happen In China country… They Fake and Ruin every good branded product not only for computer product… everything. I believe their government support them… (World Pirate Government). I believe we can stop them if all other country stop dealing business with China country…

    Don’t believe on or trust them (Chinese people).

  8. karan says:

    china is fudduuu.. unhaaann di ma di lun…

  9. Trans says:

    So guys, anyone of you know how can I return the fake flash memory to show the actual size only?

  10. Jesse says:

    if you’re stupid enough to buy a fake “32GB”-flashdrive then there’s no pity for you. 🙂

  11. Ryan says:

    i bougth a 4gb flash of the same brand , when l used it for the first time every thing was cool. after some time i formatted it, after the formart i then copied some files to the flash but it failed to finish after that it is failling to open. fuck the chinese and their fack shit.

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