One day I had small attack of shopping and I bought small pellet of gallium. It is quite strange, non toxic metal. It’s melting point is only 30°C. To be exact- 29.7646°C. And boiling point is very high- 2204°C! It can melt in your hand. The only problem, it will stain your skin.

Gallium is widely used as gallium arsenide in light emitting diodes (LED) and solid state lasers.

Gallium pellet

While I was writing this post, my gallium pellet melted and stained plastic sack.

Now I need to find any use for it. Maybe it can be used to make “super-turbo” high quality audio jacks? No shaking connections, no oxide contacts…

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  1. Ričardas says:

    Some sources say it is possible to make a laser with this metal… I’m waiting to see the hack on your page 😉

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