Tube Amp power supply

From “something I found”:

Some tubes

The nearer thing in the photo is power supply for some medical amplifier. The further one is the amplifier by itself.

The interesting part for tube audio amplifier lovers is power supply. It is stabilised +150V power supply. Also 6.3V for heater and something like 20V stablised on current. I’ve tested power supply and it is working fine. And it is made in 1966 in Japan.

Transformer used in power supply:

Input 220V.
Output: 20V @ 0.3A, 5V @ 2A (diode heater), 2x385V @90mA (with central tap), 6.3V @ 3A.

Tubes: 5AR4, B-300G, VR-150MT

Some choke- everything is written in Japanese.
Capacitors 2x20mkf @ 500V.
Other: selecnium rectifier in 20V line, few smaller caps and resistors.

Other board is populated with tubes: 2 x 6BQ5 ir 3 x 12AX7.

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