USB Flash drive

It WAS USB2.0 flash drive from Transcend. It was faulty from the beginning. Sometime the system freezed during work and after few of such hangings, the device is unrecognisable. As user lost documents of buying it was given to me. It is not working so I opened to see what is inside:

USB flash drive
USB flash drive from inside

The small PCB contains one micro-controller from OTi (OTI002168, Ours Technology flash disk controller) and one flash rom from Samsung (K9F1208U0A). It is 64M x 8 Bit NAND Flash Memory with a spare 2,048K. This chip is interesting for some experiments as it uses only 8+9 pins for all address, power and data signaling.

USB flash drive
The ROM and The MCPU

The other side is with 12MHz crystal, 2 transistors or stalisators (5->3.3V) and few pasive stuff.

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  1. shreyas says:

    hey!…if u kno something about the micro-controller from OTi (OTI002168, Ours Technology flash disk controller)..then please let me kno…do u know which programmer and software tools to use for it??…..

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