Night Vision Monocular… maybe

Among the stuff prepared for recycle I found some electrooptical device:
Nigh Vision
Side view

On one side there is objective-lens: MIR-1; 2.8/37:
Nigh Vision
Front view

The other side is covered with big lens:
Nigh Vision
End view

There is small high DC voltage source (not shown in images). The output of source is about 5…7kV. When i powered the device I managed to see some green images. But the devices is showing only very bright IR wavelength light sources. It can’t be used as night vision device. Maybe it is not night vision monocular? Or maybe device is damaged.

Nigh Vision
Image of my lustre

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2 Responses to Night Vision Monocular… maybe

  1. Emiliano says:

    hi, very great site!
    just a suggestion
    i heard that some nightvision sistem works toghether with powerful IR emitter, the IR reach target and jump back to the nightvision goggles and you see tha image…maybe you can’t see completely without some kind of IR source, the target have to reflect IR…


  2. Henkas says:

    I guess you should throw it away ­čÖé

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