Jamming FM radio stations

For small amount of money I acquired very old high frequency generator. It is very old, it is made in ~1960. But still working. I opened the case and discovered few radio tubes. Most interesting, that some of the tubes were changed in 1978. All high frequency parts are covered with heavy solid shield. The power attenuator is some sort of moving waveguide.

FM generator

The frequency of generator is from about 16MHz to 126MHz. So it covers all FM radio band. Output is max 0.1V. Quite weak for my experiments…

And now short story: Sometimes you have some stupid, morons, idiots neighbours who listen all day to some stupid fucking radio station. Especially, that station plays some vomiting musing for low brain public. And your neighbours listen to that music very loudly. You can’t do anything, because according to law they can do this.

So, take that old FM generator, plug simple wire to output, tune to that station and pump the power to jam it. And now neighbour’s radio is playing 1000Hz tone, your favorite music (if you use external modulation) or just plain silence (only carrier, no modulation).

It is quite difficult to get such generator for everybody, so you need to build radio jammer from scratch. Visit my pages in future and I’ll try to post here the schematics.

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