Gastroscope – weird stuff I have

Gastroscope: A flexible, lighted instrument that is put through the mouth and down the esophagus to view the stomach. Tissue from the stomach can also be removed through the gastroscope.

Gastroscope - any man must have it :)

Cool toy for every man. ­čÖé It is very old, Olympus JF-B3 medical apparatus. Also I have special cool light source device. There is Olympus camera in the case, with special adapter to connect it to gastroscope. I am not looking inside any living human being, but used to examine various holes in my house. Also this device is useful to check vehicle closed chambers – to test the engine, or realise how your car is rusting from inside. The length of the hose is about 120cm.

This model has various handles and holes to manipulate the end of gastroscope. The main problem with this device that I can’t connect it to my digital camera. What nice photos I could make with it.

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  1. Matthew says:

    Where the hell did you get soemthing like this @_@
    Very cool though.

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