AM modulation, schematics, lots of transistors and perfect modulation

I was testing various AM radios and noticed, that I don’t have proper AM source. The AM broadcasting station in my region is very scarce and weak. Also, I wanted more options for radio receiver testing.
I though, that the internet is full of simple AM modulator circuits, but…

AM modulations some examples
Typical internet schematics are not ream AM. It only “some sort” of AM modulation, and, yes, radio receiver can decode sound from these circuits. Most of circuit do “1″ and “2″ versions, but none was like real AM.

I was testing various schematics, with op amps, transistors, but nothing good. Then I discovered datasheet of MC1496, and there was inner circuit picture.

Eagle and Orcad
I emulated circuit using Orcad software demo version. I would not recommend using this software- it is not cheap, and demo version is very limited. And it is limited more that in description. Normal demo software is limited to some size of the design. Just enough to test something, but useless in real world. But demo Orcad is crippled more- it is limited to some node count. And every new connection add node, but if you remove part of the circuit node number is staying same. Nodes even increase count if you change something in parameters. After some experiments you can leave two elements in your circuit- power supply and resistor load, but fucking software will complain about “too many nods”.
I had to “build” schematics from scratch several times to test my options.

Then I build circuit in real world using scratched PCB method. I only need for one board and it is only experiment.
AM modulator schematic
I was using high frequency transistors (up to 5GHz) but circuit designed form AM band only.

Here is the result;
Sound AM modulation oscilloscope screen
Sound AM modulation.

AM carrier
Zoom to carrier- still sinusoidal trace.

classic AM modulation spectrum
Classic spectrum of AM modulation. Carrier in the center and two sidebands.

AM modulation spectrum without carrier
It is possible to change some pots in my modulator and I can disable AM carrier.

AM without carrier in oscilloscope screen waveform
This is waveform of suppressed carrier AM signal.

AM modulated sound spectrum
Sound modulated AM spectrum.

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